DJ’s / VJ’s / KJ’s


Our DJs are experienced professionals.  We provide personalized service to give you the right mix of music proven to get all of your guests dancing and having a great time.


Shenandoah Entertainment’s DJ services has your DJ meet with you, in person, before signing a contract.  This allows you to meet your DJ and get to know them and their abilities. Once you decide to sign a contract, the name of the DJ that you have selected goes on the contract. This ensures that you know exactly who you hired and who will be your performer. We do not make any changes. All of our DJ’s use state of the art equipment and carry with them a complete back up system.

We have DJ’s that provide music only, providing your guest with the best dance atmosphere possible. We have KJ’s (Karaoke DJ) that provides Karaoke music and equipment to bring an interactive element to your event, allowing guest to test their singing skills. We also have VJ’s (Video DJ) that combines the DJ experience with an enhanced Video experience. Your guest will get to not only listen to their favorite tunes but also watch the original music videos of those tunes. We have several different screen combinations to chose from depending on the size and location of your event. Our music videos range from old school and retro to current music and artists.  We can also add the option to project images and/or video of your guest straight to our screens. This feature always brings delight and smiles to the crowd.

So, whatever your event – Wedding, Birthday, Anniversary, Corporate or anything else…We can provide you with Quality, Experience and Service…