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Event Comments/Feedback

These are just a few of the many wonderful comments that we have received over the years…


 Kelly & Colby J. Wedding – April 11, 2015  “I cannot say enough great things about DJ Ray. We received so many compliments about what a great DJ he was. We gave him a list of songs we wanted to hear and he blended them seamlessly to each other. He kept the party going from start to finish. The dance floor was always packed! He also gave us some suggestions on flow and timeline.”


 Wayde & Brenda B. Wedding – October 11, 2014  Ray Casiano was very professional, knew the proper times to execute all the rituals, was able to find requests on demand and kept everyone dancing until 10 p.m. He truly added a great deal to the event.


 Kimberly & Danny H. Wedding – June 7, 2014  “Ray Casiano was an amazing DJ! Got everybody dancing – dance floor was filled all night long, from the 2 year old niece to the grandparents, people that had never even met were dancing together! Most everybody stayed until the very end, and it was a long, 5 hour reception from 6-11 (after a 3 hour gap) He played an excellent mix of what we wanted – Latin music, 80’s, some 90’s, some contemporary music, some slow music… he did a great job of going through the songs and styles we selected and picking ones that people could dance to and leaving off the ones that weren’t danceable (such as Def Leppard and Billy Idol). Music volume was excellent – nice and low-volume, decent non-distracting selection of music during dinner (I don’t even remember what was played, but it wasn’t awkward silence and clanging plates), and during the dancing part, the volume was loud enough to dance, but not so loud that guests couldn’t talk.He was great at reading people and smoothly moving things along – cocktail hour, seating everybody, introductions, the first dance (he had the great idea of doing the first dance right after the introduction – never would’ve thought of it!), dinner, and then once everyone had eaten and before they got bored, did the toasts, the father/daughter mother/son dances, etc…The lights were beautiful – purple uplighting on the walls, and some lights shining on the ceiling and the floor. Definitely recommend at least uplights – they give a place a nice atmosphere.

Ray was really good at last minute changes – after cake-cutting, we spontaneously decided to do a bouquet toss (originally we had said no), and it was not a problem – Ray gathered everyone, improvised, and put on Beyonce’s “All the Single Ladies.”

He was really accommodating, even drove a couple hours from his home to meet us one weeknight at the reception. Very polite, personable, flexible, helpful, made everything run smoothly. Highly recommend!”


Marti – June 22, 2013 – 50th Birthday Celebration – DJ Patrick K … aka…
“Patrick did a fabulous job!  Perfect mix of music and very professional.  Please let him know how much I appreciate his part in making my 50th birthday party such a success! Thanks Marti”


Jenny & Vladamir – June 8, 2013 “I can’t thank you enough for the great job you did at our wedding. We were so happy and impressed with how you were able to blend in the Haitian/world/and top 40 music we requested. And with such ease! Everyone loved it, which was obvious by the amount of people on the dance floor at the end of the night. I know Vlad’s dad was particularly pleased about the ballads you played during the meal. It was such a great touch. Thank you for everything.”


Megan and Bobby Wedding –
August 12, 2012
“Dear Ray,Thank you very much for a job well done! We were so pleased with your DJ services. The
day we heard you playing at the bridal event at Lansdowne we knew we were looking for you.
Then we met at Panera and you suggested a certain time line – it was perfect! Thank you for
helping pick all the music and making great suggestions. My guests could not believe how fast
the night went by. They gave many compliments on the music and said it was so much fun. I
never realized what a very important role a DJ would play in a wedding. Your professionalism
and knowledge made for a very smooth night. You have perfected the timeline for the wedding
and followed it. You have amazing upbeat energy. Thank you again for all you did to make our
wedding perfect!!”


IntelliDyne Co. – January 22, 2011 “Everyone had a great time and Ray was a perfect fit for the event –
Thanks very much!” 


Diana – Mother of the Bride –
October 9, 2010
“We could not have had a better DJ. We had 80% of the people on the dance
floor 100 % of the time and we had 190 people at our event! Thank you


Pam – Mother of the Bride – September 18, 2010 “Ray was absolutely terrific and accomodating. The reception was a
perfect celebration of happiness. “
Kym & Brian – Wedding Reception –
August 7, 2010
“Don’t change a thing! Ray was amazing with my guests … with the children
as well as the adults!”


Gary – Father of the Bride –
May 29, 2010
“Ray was a fabulous DJ. He read the crowd extremely well and got everyone
on the dance floor immediately following dinner and kept it going the whole
night. We even extended the time because everyone was having a blast.
Did a great job using our playlist too. ”


Daniel – Wedding
Reception – May 1, 2010
“We both love DJ Ray. He is very friendly, professional and he knows
what he is doing. Thanks DJ Ray!”


Mike & Bethany Wedding
Reception – March 6, 2010
“Ray Casiano was amazing! I was probably the most stressed about good
music being played and he took our suggestions, guidelines, constant
email updates, etc. and created an amazing flow to the night. He was
also a perfect MC, getting the evening running smoothly and quick to
help out with pop up anouncements we needed made. He even came out on
the dance floor to help with the cha cha slide since we were having some
trouble. So many people commented to me on the music and we had to go an
hour overtime since the dancing was still not over. Highlight of the
night, surprising us in giving the microphone to me and my groom to sing
along to Journey’s “don’t stop believing”. A+ service all around.”


Zach & Christen Wedding
Reception – July 18, 2009
“Ray’s performance was exemplary, and the events flowed smoothly
and without interruption. In addition, Ray was very attentive and highly
flexible with out requests. Ray was fantastic. he had an excellent
selection of music, and his skills as an MC helped the event to flow
smoothly. Ray was very organized and informative when planning
and executing the event, and he was also willing to take suggestions
and cater to our needs. he was exceedingly polite and courteous as
well. Other couples would do well to hire Ray for their events. He is
reliable, responsible, hardworking, and very passionate about his
profession. He truly is a consummate professional. We really cannot
say enough good things about the way in which Ray handled out
special event.


Courtney & Taylor Wedding
Reception – March 28, 2009
“Ray, Thank you so much for the music at our wedding. There were so
many different age groups and music interests. Thank you for caring
for all of them. I really felt people were energized for most of the night
because of the music. I would recommend you to any new bride!
Courtney (Kuhn) Harris”


Meredith and Allen Wedding Reception – November 8, 2008 “Dear Ray, Allen and I, along with our families, thank you for performing
so wonderfully as our DJ at our Wedding this past Saturday. You were
very polished and kept the reception moving right along. Our guest had
a great time and they are continuing to give us such positive feedback
on you as our DJ and on the music selection. We will not hesitate to
refer you in the future. Thank you again – we very much enjoyed collaborating
with you. Our best Wishes, Meredith and Allen”


Joaquin & Sarah Wedding
Reception – October 11, 2008
“Ray is the best DJ around! He met with us several times and played exactly
the music we wanted. People had a great time at the reception and we are
so happy with his work.”


Nicole & Jim Wedding
Reception – September 13, 2008
“Ray was wonderful in making any last minute changes to music we wished
to make. he made sure our evening was definitely one to remember. THANKS!”


Carole – Daughter Melissa’s
Wedding – August 9, 2008
“Ray, Thank you for making our wedding a wonderful event. I am very
pleased with everything you did and how you managed to make it so special
for us. Thank you again. Best of luck in all your future endeavors. Sincerely,
Melissa Hrin and David George”


Shanitra & Marcel Wedding Reception –
August 8, 2008
DJ Ray Casiano did an excellent job at our wedding! It would not have
been the same without him. He easily read the crowd and kept the dancing
going for much of the night. He also did a wonderful job interacting
with all of the other vendors and performers at our wedding and keeping
the events flowing easily from one to another. An excellent choice for
any event!